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    Beijing Debarker Co. Ltd.

    Add: Rm.809, Building 4, No.5 ChangChunQiaoRoad, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China
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BJ DEBARKER- The Debarker Specialist Just For You
Beijing Debarker Co. Ltd. (BJ DEBARKER) is a company specialized in the development and manufacture of Log Debarker and Wood Chipper, along with the hydraulic machines. BJ DEBARKER has the most extensive selections in the world to meet all kinds of customer’s requirement. Even you could customize the debarker machine as you need from BJ DEBARKER. It has three series of debarker machine, including the Ring Debarker, Drum Debarker and Rotary Debarker, which offers solutions for all industrial debarking needs.

BJ DEBARKER located in Beijing, the capital of China. And it is the leading company in debarker field of China. The company’s founder & chief engineer, Mr. Zhao LiGang, is the authority in this field. He has been focusing in the development of Log Debarker since 1970s, with more than 40 years experience , 3 generations of product development and 8 patents. Also he was in charge of making the National Product Standard of Log Debarker for the China government.
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